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We are devoted to increasing women's and ethnic minorities' representation at all levels of leadership within our clients’ organisations and across all the sectors we represent. 

Research shows that when DEI is taken seriously, and the right time and resources are allocated to it, companies can significantly improve their performance, their reputation as an employer and their ability to recruit and retain the right talent.  

As an aggregator of talent, we believe we have a unique ability to help companies address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This is no hollow promise.

Everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed in their chosen career.

Analysis & Assessment

To improve your DEI strategy you must first understand where the gaps exist.

We use thorough and in-depth analyses to highlight the opportunities for improvement. We look at your direct competitors and evaluate how you compare to your industry peers and to companies implementing DEI best practices.

We believe you can begin to improve your DEI only when you understand what you are not doing well. The incentive is there; companies with diverse workforces are more likely to attract and retain talent and financially outperform their competitors. Now is the time to act! 

We engage with your top team to discuss how to embrace DEI to improve the company culture.

How we can help

We can help you to build a DEI Talent Strategy that embeds DEI  in your recruitment processes. Our deep sector expertise coupled with longstanding relationships make us uniquely qualified to bring you candidate shortlists which are always diverse and inclusive. Typically this involves detailed reports and diverse market mapping exercises on leadership talent from the relevant sectors you hire from. Thanks to our extended suite of services, and depending on your needs, we can offer you Executive Search, Interim Management, or Advisory Solutions.

If you are seeking to ‘move the needle’ your recruitment strategy should be a clear statement of intent, a tool to improve your DEI agenda.

DEI Talent Strategy

DEI requires a blend of expertise to help create and implement a successful pathway to meaningful change. We have a proud group of carefully selected partners whom we can introduce to our clients to advise on improvements and their implementation. This could be in the form of well-respected DEI training companies or innovative technology tools that help generate inclusive cultures, for example CulturePop. 

We are proud to partner with organisations that share our passion for tackling all forms of inequality.

Our partners
INclusion IN INterim_logo_white.png

INclusion IN INterim is a Venari Partners methodology that we proudly implement in all of our interim searches. We aim to deliver an inclusive shortlist for every interim search, whilst still providing the best available talent in the market.

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