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The 8th of March marks an influential part of the social calendar each year, celebrating International Women’s Day (#IWD). Although the theme changes annually, the agenda remains the same; to free women from bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, and to empower.

This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias, supporting the following initiatives:

  • A gender-equal world.

  • A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

  • A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

At Venari Partners, we champion female talent by representing and supporting a high number of female candidates in searches and market maps (in support of the 30% Club), educating our teams, and launching incentives such as ‘INclusion IN INterim’, an initiative which encourages diversity in our interim practice and services.

"As a sales consultant I am very used to working in fairly male dominated environments. At Venari Partners, what’s been refreshing is to be part of a team where the influence of the women in the company is really noticeable. I am also proud of our company's commitment to meeting more equal gender representation in our longlists and shortlists, an endeavour that is particularly challenging and therefore greatly needed in my own specialist market of Tech and Digital." Liv Britz, Senior Consultant, Digital & Technology

We also partner with the HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen's Association) and WiHTL (Diversity in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure) to better understand and address diversity issues in specific industries.

"Venari Partners is an extremely inclusive place to work for. Not only am I a woman, but I am also a non-UK national. I have never felt like my gender, age, nationality or culture were making any difference in the way I was integrated into the team, who has always been welcoming and supportive of my growth."

Solenn Ferrato, Marketing Manager

Internally, we champion our female workers through several initiatives including innovation meetings and Women in the Workplace (WIW), a conference which promotes the voice of our female workers. Held quarterly, the WIW includes discussions around perception, progression, work, and personal topics – ultimately, how we can make the workplace a better environment for all.

"Having recently joined Venari Partners I have found it very easy to integrate into all aspects of the company. Both from a business and social aspect, it was noticeable how inclusive the environment at Venari Partners is." Emily Beard, Executive Assistant, Aviation & Aerospace

As a society, we have a long way to go to meet IWD expectations. Our aim for the future is to continue to ensure bias, stereotypes and discrimination have no place in our business or our services. We pledge to encourage and educate our team in support of a world free of discrimination.

Chanelle Frost, HR & Operations Manager


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