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Coffee & Cars | Networking event

Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough to spend the morning at DK Engineering with our much-valued guests. Watch the highlight video below to take a peek at the event:

During this joint networking event, James Cottingham and Harvey Stanley gave us a tour of their incredible facilities and shared insights about the cars they have on-site – some of them, with incredible stories!

"We specialise in all aspects of Ferrari. Our active role in the ownership and competition participation with Ferrari motor cars gives us the first-hand experience with the marque." DK Engineering

This Venari Partners networking event, in the presence of some of the finest automobiles in the world, gathered leaders from several industries including Aviation (Ben Boness, Robert Boyle, Titus Johnson), Private Equity & Venture Capital (Matthew Jones, Ed Williams), Financial Services (Santiago Izaguirre, Ben Pearce), Media & Technology (Giovanni Romero, Shantanu Singh) and Leisure (Joe Cribben).

Located only a short drive North from London, the Little Green Street Farm facility includes showrooms and workshops our guests visited after a shared breakfast. We then concluded the morning with a scenic drive to the Nag's Head, a quintessential old country pub, for an indulgent lunch.

Thanks for organising such a superb event today – definitely one of the best I’ve been on! DK Engineering was a real treat – wow – and lunch delicious. Ed Williams

Everyone was encouraged to bring a 'plus one', and some of our guests drove there with their sports, prestige or classic automobiles.

"Thank you for a terrific day today. Immensely enjoyed and appreciated." Titus Johnson (1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE)

We are looking forward to another one of these networking events! Thank you very much, James and Harvey, for the fantastic tour. We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as our team did!


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