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Introducing our INclusion IN INterim proposition

What is INclusion IN INterim?

INclusion IN INterim is a Venari Partners methodology that we proudly implement in all of our interim searches. We aim to deliver an inclusive shortlist for every interim search, whilst still providing the best available talent in the market.

Working across multiple sectors and in over 40 countries, we have access to a truly diverse network of leadership talent. These leaders not only have the right technical skills for a successful delivery, but also a broader depth of experience and perspective which inspires teams and leads to better commercial outcomes.

Why INclusion IN INterim?

We believe a diverse leadership team increases awareness and delivers positive change. Many sectors struggle to find this talent, with the majority not even contemplating a diverse interim appointment.

In 2019 and 2020, the average length of an interim contract through Venari Partners was 7.3 months. 72% of our C-Suite and Director appointments lasted 6 months and 27% were over 12 months. This is a significant amount of time for a leader to make an impact and this is why we believe an inclusive shortlist is imperative to every interim search.

Please feel free to contact Lenny Michael directly to find out more about our interim offering and how INclusion IN INterim can positively help your organisation.


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