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Navigating career change during a pandemic

Thinking about a career change? Unsure where to begin?

Vieran Hodko & Gov Kandola discussed navigating a career change during a pandemic. Find out how to begin your search, why Vieran considered his move and top tips for candidates thinking the same.

Vieran Hodko, who is an Expert within Brand Development & Growth initiatives (most recently within the mobility space) recently decided to make a career change during the pandemic. He was in a leadership position in a very successful mobility start-up that was growing… So what made him want to consider a move?

Gov Kandola leads Venari Partners’ Surface Transport and Logistics space. Gov works with many of the leading brands across these verticals, and is very active in the industry, having attended events across the world to continuously build upon his extensive network. Don't hesitate to get in touch!


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