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diversitypop, an innovative way to train your teams on D&I [PODCAST]

At Venari Partners, we are passionate about driving positive change in the workplace.

Are you looking for an innovative way to train your teams on D&I? diversitypop is the right move for you!

Venari Partners is thrilled to present you with this interview of Everton Cranston, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of diversitypop. As proud users of the app, we want you to learn more about this disruptive way of training yourself and your employees. Together, let's make the workplace more inclusive!

diversitypop is a new kind of learning system, with rocket boosters and privacy built in. The science behind the software goes beyond intermittent training and integrates diversity learning, insights and behavior change into your employees’ daily routine. This is where Netflix meets Spotify and marries Wikipedia to tap curiosity for diversity insights and inspirations. diversitypop activates your diversity multiples, in days not months. The leading DEI app offers profile-free, personalized, learning and communication experiences that invite your employees to become curious, competent and more connected to DEI, all year long.

Listen to our podcast, and get more insights!


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