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Racing Returns

Despite the challenging year and the affects Covid-19 has had on the sporting calendar, motorsport did return to the UK in the late summer. This was no doubt music to James’ ears who races as part of A Reeve Motorsport. The Mini Challenge Series were able to put together a revised calendar including supporting the British Touring Car Championship. The later than normal racing season has meant the season has been quite the spectacle (often on ITV 4) with some very challenging weather conditions to deal with. The races, often with 30+ cars on the grid, never fail to entertain.

The Mini Cooper Class is a highly competitive form of club racing, often the next step up the ladder for Karting Champions and aspiring young drivers. The cars use a 1.6lt normally aspirated engine, slick tyres and single way adjustable AST dampers. Offering surprising performance, agile handling and incredible grip from durable GoodYear tyres, it is not unusual to see these MINIs chasing down supercars. Venari Partners are proud to sponsor James’ car in one of the most coveted forms of club racing.


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