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As you might have noticed from our website in the last few days, we’ve revamped!

Our business has grown and evolved continuously since we launched our previous website in 2018. It still is. So, it was time to create a modern updated space, providing customers, employees, and potential hires with more information about our business.


Providing solid proof of our performance

Our website naturally displays our solutions, our practices, our team… but it’s also a space for you to find concrete proof of the amazing work we do! Don’t take our word for it: trust our clients and candidates. Because we know that more than 90% of today’s consumers read online reviews before buying, we decided to ask for honest feedback on our work. The “References” section of each of our practices’ pages is here to give you a better idea of the kind of companies we already work with, and what they have to say about us.

“Despite being a boutique Executive Search Firm, we boast an impressive client portfolio, and work with world-renowned brands! Through the new website, we’ve demonstrated to our customers not only what we do, but also how we do it, and what we’re proud to have achieved!” Lenny Michael, Director of Interim Solutions

Nothing highlights our drive for better performance more than our references. We want you to feel confident we will be the best suited to help you or your organisation. We are obsessed with the experience we create for our customers. Which leads us to…


Offering better experiences to our customers, always

We strive to deliver outstanding customer experiences with every assignment we complete. OK is not good enough for us. We never settle for ordinary. That is why we also believe our website should exhibit how we do our job, and further proof of our intent to make your life easier.

“The last 12 months have given us time to reflect on what’s really important to us as a business. Whilst revising our values and purpose statement, it was clear that customer experience is at the heart of how we work. The new website tells this story and better explains what we do and why we do it.” Ben Brickell, Director of Life Sciences and Healthcare

This new website was designed to be more intuitive, engaging and user-friendly. Easy to navigate, it will not only tell you more about the different industries we work with, but also give a preview of our teams at work.


Matching our company culture

We see ourselves as challengers to the traditional executive search firms. Our fast turnaround, highly agile approach, and positive company culture are a huge part of our identity. We had to ensure our website was a mirror of our unique position on the market. We express this not only in our headquarters’ location, in the heart of London’s vibrant Shoreditch, but also through our digital presence.

“Our new ‘Work for us’ page had to showcase our company culture in an impactful and honest way. We decided to interview the team and asked them to comment on what makes working at Venari Partners so special. For this video, I collected existing footage, edited videos of company holidays and teambuilding activities. As a relatively recent hire myself, this reminded me why I chose to join this company.” Solenn Ferrato, Marketing Manager

Eye-catching animations, pop colours and fun videos: we’ve made sure our company culture was reflected in our new website.

“For any growing business, attracting and retaining talent is critical. We spend a lot of time and allocate a lot of resources to ensuring our staff are happy, motivated, and ready to fulfil their potential. Our website offers a flavour of what life is like at Venari Partners, for those considering joining.” Chanelle Frost, HR & Operations Manager


Reasserting our commitment to good causes

Everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed in their chosen career. As an aggregator of talent, we believe we have a unique ability to help companies address Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. This is no hollow promise. We are devoted to increasing women's and ethnic minorities' representation at all levels of leadership within our clients’ organisations and across all the sectors we represent.

“Making a positive impact on society is a core value of our company. The website has been designed to showcase our efforts highlighting the support we offer to many worthy charities and the initiatives we lead to tackle DE&I.” James Parker, Director of Travel, Transport and Logistics


Stay tuned: we will soon be launching our new Corporate Social Responsibility page to promote the charities and fundraising we support, and our initiatives to make Venari Partners carbon negative within the next 12 months.

We are proud of this new platform but are well aware that a website should be a constant work in progress. This space is made for you and should reflect what YOU want to see. Please take a look around and share your feedback with our team. We can’t wait to hear your opinion: we’ll use it to keep improving our online presence and our services.


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