Holley joined Venari Partners in May 2021 as Senior Consultant, Biotech Research & Development.

As an expert in biotechnology and particularly proficient with advanced therapies, Holley has a BSc Hons Biochemistry. With 6 years’ experience in life sciences, within industry first-hand in both stem cell biotechnology and pharma, Holley ultimately moved over to work closely with executives and Venture Capital funds in a recruitment capacity. Driven by a passion for biotechnology, Holley comes equipped with both an excellent global network and an in-depth technical understanding of the industry; she advises pre-clinical and clinical emerging biotech companies, around the world, on senior R&D appointments. Holley fully appreciates the requirements and drivers and actively consults, providing relevant, valuable advice and market insight.

Holley is always eager to identify and execute novel methods to assist her network within their respective careers, whether by organising networking events and catalysing funding rounds, or facilitating scientific mentorship. She is always open to discussing new and helpful ideas.

Biotech Research & Development

Holley Edyvane

Holley Edyvane

Senior Consultant

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