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From Big Pharma to early-stage Biotech

In recent years, we have seen a flurry of Big Pharma executives transition into Biotech CEO positions. The opportunity to work in a more agile and entrepreneurial environment, whilst driving a transformative mission centred around innovation and patient care, continues to prove an attraction. We are fortunate to see these qualities every day in many of the Biotechs we work alongside.

GSK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Hal Barron, announced last month that he will be stepping down and joining Altos Labs later this year. Altos Labs is an innovative Biotech start-up with $3B in funding and a focus on reversing disease and the ageing process. The movement of Big Pharma executive talent into early-stage Biotech is becoming a growing trend, and something that Venari Partners is closely associated with.

Our Director, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Ben Brickell, takes a look at what is attracting experienced leaders to jump from Big Pharma to Biotech.


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