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Healthcare Logistics – Helping companies tackle COVID-19

With the increased demand for the transportation of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies globally, our Life Sciences & Healthcare practice has teamed up with our Travel, Transport & Logistics practice to help support businesses looking to build strategic relationships.

During these unprecedented times, it is crucial to provide innovative solutions to keep critical supply chains moving during the Covid-19 crisis. Thus, we are connecting with businesses who are specifically looking to scale up their teams or provide interim solutions to tackle this difficult situation.

Venari Partners has dedicated experts supplying Director through EVP-level Commercial talent to both the Healthcare and Logistics sectors. We are keen to offer our unique network and focus as a valuable resource to any Logistics company looking to grow its client base in the Healthcare and Life Sciences space.

Please do get in touch or share this with any company we might be able to help.

Ben Brickell

Gov Kandola


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