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Partner in Global Commercial Vehicle Industry, Expands into North America Case Study

Venari Partners were retained by a long-term European client, to help with their expansion into North America. Having strategically gained a foothold in the North American rolling stock market, the business were interested in bringing in a commercially strong leader with an extensive understanding and network of the US rail industry who could help the businesses with its ambitious growth plans.

The search process was an extensive one and involved mapping tier 1 and 2 suppliers for the rail industry within the North American and European markets.

The mapping process for both regions took 5 weeks, and the successful candidate was able to start with the business within 12 weeks of starting the process. This was crucial for the business as the current Managing Director had previously been the owner of the acquired business and had decided to retire.

Venari Partners have continued to be a trusted partner to the client are helping them with further global expansions.


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