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Recruiting & Retaining Talent – Is 'The Great Resignation' affecting Digital Health?

With 'The Great Resignation' being on everyone's lips, we had to ask BrightInsight's CEO Kal Patel, if this trend was affecting the Digital Health market...

Tune in to our latest podcast to hear Kal's insights on how to retain talent and create an attractive and engaging company culture for your teams.

Cristian Owen, Senior Consultant in Digital Health, asked Kal Patel about the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent in the current digital health market. Learn more about Kal's entrepreneurial leap of faith, the "Great Resignation", and Kal's advice to retain your talent.

Kal Patel has more than 20 years of experience in pharma, medtech and digital health, including MD and MBA degrees. Since co-founding BrightInsight, Kal has led three successful financing rounds totaling $166M, bringing the company’s valuation to ~$750M. Prior to that, he founded and built Amgen’s Digital Health segment and was the Global Marketing Lead for Amgen’s multi-billion-dollar autoimmune drug Enbrel. Kal spent several years at Novartis after beginning his career at Boston Consulting Group.


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