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Burnout – Could technology help to prevent it?

One of the most pressing challenges in the post-pandemic corporate world is how to combat burnout.

Dr. David Plans, founder of BioBeats and lecturer in Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London, shared his insights with Cristian Owen on the causes of burnout, how it specifically impacts men today, and if it can be prevented by technology.

David Plans initially studied artificial intelligence and media, using evolutionary algorithms to investigate the nature of human improvisation. His first PhD focused on genetic algorithms for classification of human musical behaviour in MPEG7 time series. He then led BioBeats as CEO, a startup that focuses on machine learning models of mental health and disorder. Through his work at BioBeats, he has retrained as a neuroscientist and experimental psychologist, and is now pursuing DPhil work at the University of Oxford's Social Cognition Lab. He is a member of the INDEX group and a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Neuroscience.

Cristian Owen is Senior Consultant in Digital Health at Venari Partners. He is hugely passionate about the Digital Health space, and is the partner of choice to many emerging and high-growth companies across the US & Europe – covering Digital Therapeutics, Platform, AI, Virtual Care, Mental Health, Data (RWE) & Healthcare IT. Over the last few years, he has helped to facilitate the commercial build-out of numerous key players in the market.


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