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Telemedicine – Can it sustain its rapid growth in a post-pandemic market?

What are the factors that have driven the growth of telemedicine over the last years? If the recent pandemic seems to be the evident answer, Dr Harry Leider, who has been working with telemedicine for over a decade, argues that COVID doesn’t bear the sole responsibility for its exponential rise. From the various types of telemedicine companies to the limitations they face, learn from Gelesis's Chief Medical Officer in this interview with Cristian Owen.

Harry L. Leider, M.D., M.B.A. joined Gelesis from Walgreens, where he was Chief Medical Officer and Group Vice President and provided executive leadership for the Company’s unique platform to impact the six million customers who visit a Walgreens store each day, as well as the two million customers who interact with Walgreens digitally. Prior to joining Walgreens, Dr. Leider served as Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Ameritox, a national specialty laboratory providing medication monitoring services to physicians treating chronic pain and serious mental illness. Previously, he was Chief Medical Officer of XLHealth, a national Medicare Advantage plan that served seniors with common chronic illnesses.

Cristian Owen is a Senior Consultant within the Life Sciences & Healthcare practice at Venari Partners. After several years in the recruitment industry, he helps clients across the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device, Diagnostics and Digital Health industries to hire into key strategic and commercial roles, including positions across the C-Suite. He is hugely passionate about the Digital Health space, and is the partner of choice to many emerging and high-growth HealthTech companies across the US & Europe. Over the last few years, he has helped to facilitate the commercial build out of numerous key players in the market.


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