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Careers in Healthcare Investment: A Female Perspective

In 2020, women-led start-ups received just 2.3% of VC funding, only 4.9% of all U.S. based VC Partners are women. On the occasion of the HBA Annual Conference, Holley Edyvane, Senior Consultant in Biotech Research & Development, interviewed senior female leaders in this industry and delved into their careers in detail, highlighting their achievements and journeys, discussed advice for those aspiring, and gave insight into different industries and geographic locations. Together, they discussed tools that are necessary to achieve success in this sphere and methods that can be used to practice and implement them.

Watch the replay of the whole session below, or scroll down for each individual interview!


A seasoned healthcare investor and executive, previously having worked across 3 different venture capital funds throughout her long career in this sector, Loren Busby currently works operationally and strategically across academia and industry, as Entrepreneur in Residence, at Weill Cornell Medicine. We discussed skills that are important to succeed in venture capital and the tools that can be utilised to practice these. We outlined the importance of specialist skillsets in the current industry and spoke about the trends that are being observed generally, in investments, different sectors and technologies.

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With over 20 years’ experience in venture capital, Mariette is currently Managing Partners at an angel investment fund, assisting companies to their Series A. She gave her perspective on trends in the health care investment sector, such as the need for experienced seed investors to bridge the gap for start-ups to enable them to successfully raise their Series A funding. We covered the increase in the number of women in life sciences investment funds and in leadership roles in biotech companies and board positions, in addition to what investors can and should do to further promote gender equality in management and board representation.

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With extensive experience across both Wall Street and biotechnology, Sapna is a multiple Board member of several innovative biotechnology companies. She brings valuable understanding of the industry at large. We ran through the importance of the Board diversity, and how decisions are made here, to extend throughout companies. We discussed pointers for those aspiring to succeed in venture capital, senior management, or Board roles and how to achieve your initial opportunities in each. We discussed the bottlenecks women can experience and how companies and individuals can overcome them.

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