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Citymapper: making cities usable through customer-centric technology

With over 100 million users across 450 cities, Citymapper has become one of the go-to public transit apps and mapping services, helping individuals get from point A to B around the world. Learn more about this innovative company, its customer-centric approach and what made William Phillipson, co-founder of SilverRail Technologies and former CTO at Kyte, join Citymapper.

Given the effects of COVID on the transportation sector and passenger ridership, how has Citymapper been affected? And what does the future hold for the app?

With over two decades building high-performance organisations and delivering enterprise technology for the travel sector, Will Phillipson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Citymapper. Will was a cofounder of SilverRail Technologies, a provider of distribution and ticketing systems for the rail industry, sold to Expedia Group in 2017. Previous experience includes VP Strategy for ITA Software, an airline IT provider, now part of Google and powering the popular Google Flights application. He was also Director of Vacation Packaging Systems for National Leisure Group, a Boston-based travel agency that led the industry in online travel distribution for cruises and holidays.

Gov Kandola leads Venari Partners’ Surface Transport and Logistics space. Gov works with many of the leading brands across these verticals, and is very active in the industry, having attended events across the world to continuously build upon his extensive network.


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