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How to successfully rebrand | Insights from Twill CSO Chris Wasden

Chris updates us on the past, present, and future of Twill, home of leading health app Happify.

How do you rebrand a popular app to reflect your company’s wider vision, while staying loyal to your customers and what brought you success in the first instance?

10 years on from its humble D2C origins, Twill CSO Chris Wasden admits that the healthcare app Happify had become ‘a problem’. From providing wellness products, Happify had moved into areas as diverse as digital therapeutics, coaching, and virtual therapy, making it harder to consolidate these various facets in one brand identity.



Time to make a change

‘We needed to have a package for our company, a brand […] that really represented more of what we had become’, Chris notes – while maintaining the flexibility to also encompass all that the company was becoming. As such, Happify remains a recognisable and popular wellness app, ‘but it’s just one of the many products’ under the umbrella of new brand, Twill.

Twill is split into Twill Care – ‘for the community, patient journey management’ – while wellness products fall under Twill Therapeutics. ‘It’s simplified the branding and naming of where other products fit as well’, Chris says. However, the strategy across the company’s different arms remains the same. Chris calls it ‘precision care’: ‘Delivering the right therapy, to the right person, at the right time, in the way that they want it.’ This is delivered in bespoke arrangements of digital products and services called ‘sequences’.

What does the future hold?

Chris sees Twill doubling down on additional therapeutic areas over the next five years. The company is unusual in its sector for its breadth of customer bases, in addition to its focus on customer engagement. This differentiated approach is serving Twill well so far – and long may it continue!


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