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Is the ‘Great Resignation’ really happening? Listen in to the thoughts Susan Frick, SVP HR

According to some news articles, 33 million Americans have quit their jobs since the spring of 2021...

"Whether it's been referenced as the 'great resignation' or the 'great reshuffle', they're both referring to the same issue. Nearly every industry or job type have had this rapidly evolving expectation from the worker about the role work plays in their lives..." Susan Frick, VP Human Resources for Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Is the Great Resignation really happening? For the first episode of 2022, Gov Kandola had the pleasure of discussing this pertinent topic with Susan Frick, SVP Human Resources for Wallenius Wilhelmsen. What it is, the knock-on effects for employers and the economy, and what could be done by businesses to help overcome this recent mass exodus…

Susan Frick is SVP, Human Resources at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, where she leads a global team of 140 Human Resources professionals across 12 countries, covering an employee base of 7,000+ office and production employees. A highly accomplished Senior Human Resources Executive with extensive experience directing, she focuses on implementing Human Resources and business plans aligned with the company's vision, mission and values, both in union and non-union settings. She drives change formation, culture and strategy execution by creating employee experiences resulting in positive employee engagement and increased bottom-line results.

Gov Kandola leads Venari Partners’ Surface Transport and Logistics space. Gov works with many of the leading brands across these verticals, and is very active in the industry, having attended events across the world to continuously build upon his extensive network. Don't hesitate to get in touch!


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