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Major US Rail Operator: Engineering Team Expansion Case Study

A major US Rail Operator retained Venari Partners to recruit a highly experienced engineering chief within production/maintenance to lead, develop and grow this function.

This was a crucial search for the operator as it had gone through a period of significant change/restructuring to redefine the way that they go to market, and to ensure that the business continued to be run more effectively.

Having gone to search with an alternative firm, the operator did not receive an appropriate selection of candidates who matched the skill set that was required for this role. Venari Partners approached this project with a global search, mapping candidates who understood the rail industry and had extensive experience in railroad engineering and asset management. The mapping process took around 4 weeks to complete, with a final shortlist presented within 6 weeks. The client was impressed with Venari’ attention to detail during the search and continue to be a close partner.


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