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Mental Health - Perspective

Putting pen to paper is not something I have ever found easy to do, especially when it comes to writing about my emotions. In fact, it is something I have never done before, but I have decided to try something new during this strange time. Something I thought and hoped may help others.

Many of the most successful people we know and care about struggle with their mental health in some way. It often goes under the radar until it is too late. It is assumed that, if you are successful and have a smile on your face, you are happy. But this is not always the case – success can be evaluated in many different ways, be it wealth, status, physique or even how many friends you have.

The key thing that I have learnt over the years is not to bottle things up. Try and find someone or something with whom you can release your feelings – and begin to feel better. I appreciate that this sounds like an easy task, and from experience, I know that it can take years to find that outlet. But we all have great qualities to offer and no matter your background or your story, people care, and what you have to say ‘matters’.

Low self-esteem, mental health issues, and anxiety can all stem from different angles but the one thing that I have begun to realise is that ‘we all want to be loved and appreciated‘. For years, many of us sit in a relationship or working environment where we are constantly belittled and made to feel worthless. It takes real strength and courage to break out of that and to realise that you deserve better.

No one should be made to feel like this, and if you are, my advice is to fight your demons and face the issue head-on. If you are lucky enough to have someone outside of the issue whom you think would listen, reach out to them. If you don’t, go online. There are so many lovely people out there that would love to try and help.

At Venari Partners, we are lucky to have a group of people who genuinely care about one another, and problems are shared. As I mentioned earlier, many people often drift into work and are not happy. This issue is not just found within Recruitment, it can be found in any industry or relationship. From an employer’s perspective, the key challenge is to spot the issue, make sure that the person feels able to come forward, and ultimately provide a solution.

From personal experience, Venari put me in touch with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This was genuinely one of the best things I have ever done and the counsel I have received has completely re-structured my thought process, making me feel far more confident and not scared of voicing my opinions anymore.

Remember – when you are at your lowest, you often feel that there is no way out. There are always options closer than you think. I was lucky enough to find the courage to speak to my employer and get help. If you want further advice on any of the above or just a chat, please feel free to reach out to us. I have also detailed below a few helpful links that could offer some help and advice with some relevant topics.

EAP Association -

Mind –

Stay safe and keep happy!

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