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Peppy, healthcare & wellbeing support delivered by expert practitioners [PODCAST]

For many companies, the pandemic has shifted the focus from traditional healthcare benefits to more inclusive and holistic wellbeing initiatives. The role of the HR leader is evolving.

To keep your employees mentally and emotionally healthy – especially those going through major life transitions – Peppy is a game-changer.

Ben Brickell, our Director of Life Sciences & Healthcare, met Mridula Pore and discussed how the innovative Peppy app can help you support your workforce.

Peppy is a start-up, whose mission is to fill the gaps in conventional healthcare and ensure that more people receive the support they need, when they need it. Major life transitions – like trying to conceive, bringing a baby home for the first time, and going through menopause – present unique challenges that leave many people needing extra support for the first time. They aren’t ‘ill’ in the medical sense but their individual health and the health of their families are vulnerable. If left unsupported, the life transition may dramatically impact absence, presenteeism and retention. Similarly, the current COVID-19 crisis is creating significant challenges for individuals who see their physical and mental wellbeing at threat, while in many cases having to adapt to the work-from-home guidance or to new caring responsibilities. Peppy gives forward-thinking employers a tangible tool to show their employees that they care about their health and wellbeing, both inside and outside the workplace.

Listen to our podcast, and get more insights:


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