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Providing today’s modern pilots with cutting-edge training technology

The predicted future shortage of pilots is going to require a new approach, inevitably utilising innovation and technology. This is exactly why I am so excited to be working with the team at VTR as a board member, helping them build virtual reality training products for pilots. There are several benefits to virtual reality technology for pilot training. Increasing the likelihood of people passing within a shorter time period and reducing the reliance on expensive travel and time spent in the simulator are just a few of them. Read on to learn more about VTR!

VTR (Visionary Training Resources) is a company created by pilots, for pilots, with the founders having had extensive training and standardization experiences in both Civil and Military Aviation. They have an implicit understanding of where the pain points are within the industry, for both pilots and airlines, as they face the challenge of meeting pilot demand. Hence why their passion is in providing pilots with effective, modern learning tools in Virtual Reality. Using VTR’s completely mobile VR Flight Deck to Go (click here for a demo), standardized training is provided for commercial pilots wherever they might be. Pilots using our technology are given limitless opportunities, as they kinetically learn their aircraft and gain the muscle memory necessary to step into the full-motion simulator, ready to learn. Delivering standardized pilots to the simulator portion of training is critical as it allows pilots to immediately focus on more advanced critical thinking skills, Crew Resource Management (CRM) being only one example.

Sending our Flight Deck to Go directly to a pilot’s doorstep makes it easier for not only pilots, but the airlines themselves. Pilots spend less time at the training centre and more time at home, learning the flows and procedures for their aircraft, offering better training experiences and reducing costs for the airlines. Basic flight deck orientation has been taught the same way for over 80 years, via 2-dimensional cockpit posters. It is undoubtedly time to provide today’s modern pilots with the cutting-edge technology to match: Visionary Training Resources’ VR Flight Deck to Go.


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