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The World of Autonomous Trucks: when will they be on our roads?

Over the last couple of years, a lot of key players in the market have announced projected dates for launching autonomous trucks. Those dates, however, had to be postponed many times... Listen to Christoph Domke's insights.

Are organisations’ release dates for autonomous trucks too ambitious?

The idea behind this technology appeals to many with safer operations, lower carbon emissions, and tackling driver shortages problems – the list goes on! But for Christoph Domke, there are still some vital roadblocks to overcome before companies can use these vehicles on a widespread scale.

🎬​ Watch the video below to see Christoph share his insights with Gov Kandola!


In the race for zero emissions, will hydrogen fuel cell cross the line before electric?

For Christoph Domke, an expert in mobility, both have their similar environmental advantages. But perhaps the answer lies in the middle ground, as he discusses the prospects of finding a solution together.

Watch the video below with Gov Kandola to find out!


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