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US Biotech Start-up: COO Case Study

A well-funded Biotech incubator retained Venari Partners to identify CEO / COO profiles for their newly formed portfolio companies. The purpose of this project was to build a talent pool of entrepreneurial leaders within the biotech industry who were interested in joining the management team of a start-up with a clinical-stage pipeline.

Venari Partners was instructed to look for candidates with CEO / COO experience (or potential) who had the interest in and suitability for leading a biotech start-up. Candidates from both small and large companies were considered and detailed interviews were conducted to understand suitability and fit. There were some high priority disease areas which were more specifically targeted during the mapping phase.

Venari Partners undertook a global search to identify SVP and EVP level professionals with experience of building early-stage companies towards commercialisation and/or an exit. The result was a list of 162 screened candidates, several ongoing discussions and a successfully placed COO at one of the portfolio companies.


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