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Working Below the Wing Case Study

Venari Partners was retained by a large international airline to introduce a substantial shortlist of senior operational experts capable of changing the way the airline approaches their below-the-wing strategy.

The largest challenge legacy carrier’s face is stiff competition from the regional low-cost carriers. The rise of low-cost carriers has enabled travel for all with their 'no frill' fares. Low-cost carriers, entering the competitive aviation sphere, allowed them to invest in cutting edge of technology, this technology increased the low-cost carrier’s efficiency while the older carriers suffered from legacy issues.

Venari Partners were chosen to commence this search as they had a proven track record of performing global searches for very specific skillsets in the airline industry. They required a few specific capabilities from each candidate on the shortlist, for example, linguistic skills, full service and low-cost experience as well as significant work with technology. Currently, in the airports, the airline was behind the times competing against low cost carriers specifically with their use of technology like self-service check in etc. Venari Partners needed to rapidly introduce candidates who could immediately turn around the current culture and compete with the local competition.

The chosen candidate was selected as they met all the criteria as well as going beyond the original job description. Full-service carriers must change the way they think in order to reduce operational costs and continue to increase their on-time performance


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