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End-of-year review: Airports and Aviation Service Businesses

Adam Fell, Principal Consultant for our Aviation & Infrastructure team, reflects on the year’s activity in his sector


I joined Venari Partners’ Aviation & Infrastructure practice last year, focusing on airports and aviation service businesses. Prior to that, I had spent over a decade working in executive recruitment for airports and the transport industry. The last few years have been turbulent – pardon the pun – but there’s never a dull moment!


The year in review

Let’s take a look at some of the main developments we’ve seen for airports, and the knock-on effects for aviation service businesses in 2023:


  • With passengers back in numbers, airports and associated businesses will need to handle the increased capacity


  • Infrastructure development high on the agenda


  • Cargo volumes are down


  • Frontline staff issues resolved – for now

  • Reducing pollution and carbon emissions is driving strategy, as is tech investment


What does this mean for talent?


  • Digital transformation


  • Capital delivery


What does 2024 hold?


  • Passenger numbers will continue to grow. What does that mean for the sector as a whole?


  • Operational efficiency front and centre 


  • Travel is a priority


  • Business vs leisure travel


  • Sustainability will remain high on the agenda


  • The pressure is on for ground handling providers 


If you need talent solutions for airports and aviation infrastructure, please reach out to me!
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