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Hospitality VP of Development (Africa) Case Study

Venari Partners was introduced to a candidate with more than 15 years’ experience in hotel development. The candidate was contracting for a boutique hotel group and therefore looking out for a new, permanent opportunity that offered the chance to work on equally unique and interesting projects on a macro scale.

An extended discussion was held with the candidate around their experiences, motivations and goals, as well as brands they found particularly interesting. From this, Venari Partners was able to draw up a shortlist of the most relevant companies, which were likely to provide the right kind of opportunities and make best use of the candidate’s extensive skillset. This included both well-known brands and a number of other exciting companies that the candidate hadn’t considered.

Because the candidate’s experience was very specific to their role, and they held an especially valuable amount of expertise relating to the African market, the team decided to proactively reach out to contacts within their networks to discuss appropriate openings. From here Venari Partners was able to have a series of discussions around both possible and existing development roles on offer, and how strong a fit they were for the candidate’s profile and interests.

One contact, a globally renowned hotel group that Venari Partners had worked closely with in the past expressed an interest in an initial discussion with the candidate. At that moment a role was just opening up at the right level of seniority in his team. Once Venari Partners had coordinated this initial conversation, they were confident in inviting the candidate to interview.

Following completion of several further successful interviews with the regional Chief Executive Officer, Chief Development Officer, Chief Operating Officer and the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, the candidate was presented with an offer of employment. Venari Partners was able to support both sides in setting out the offer in a way which was attractive to the candidate and in line with the company’s policies and ultimately the candidate was very happy to accept.


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