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New content to highlight our visual identity – welcome to phase one of our revamp!

The first stage of our visual rebranding is underway, with video footage that underscores our company identity

As you may know, earlier this year we moved offices: still in our spiritual home of Shoreditch, but we’re now based in a state-of-the-art, client-facing space on Curtain Road that reflects how much the company has expanded in recent years. Having outgrown the previous premises, we are delighted to have an office that boasts top facilities such as a podcast recording studio. Now that we’re well and truly settled in, we wanted to show the new office to our network – so it seemed natural to place it front and centre of a new video refreshing our visual brand identity!

In collaboration with the creative agency K.OS Visuals, we are thrilled to present ‘Executive Search Experiences – Redefined’, a fresh and engaging audiovisual presentation of who we are. This clip is the first stage of a full overhaul of our visual identity.

The video shows people engaging in their hobbies before collaborating on a project at work. At Venari Partners, we are passionate about people, and always consider candidates and clients as individuals – not merely their titles. Yes, helping companies to find the right leaders is our mission, but at the same time we recognise that we are all more than just the work that we do. We take that into account when approaching candidates as well as liaising with clients.

Our focus is on building and maintaining positive, lasting relationships in contrast to the transactional, profit-first strategies that are all too common in our industry. We believe that your interests are key to making you the person you are – and whether you box, surf, practise yoga, or play guitar in your free time, we want you to be able to approach your hobbies as you would your professional life: ‘Strive for success without compromising your values’.

The video highlights our belief in providing unparalleled experiences to clients and candidates alike – both in and out of the office. The clip shows off our new graphic identity, closer to who we are as a business. We are extremely professional yet personable and strive to be enjoyable to work with or for. As such, the bright orange of our logo is evident throughout the video which, along with the lively visuals and editing, stand in contrast to the muted tones of our competitors. You can check out the footage here.

As an extra part of the content drive with K.OS, we are also delighted to share some photographs that really do justice to our beautiful new working space. You can find these below. We mean what we say about the office being client-facing – we actively encourage customers to use it themselves when they are in town and look forward to welcoming our network here for many years to come.

Meanwhile, the new video will be on prominent display on the screens in the office and will form the backdrop for our soon-to-be revamped website. Stay tuned for further updates!


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