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Why the luxury hospitality industry needs to stop ignoring Gen Z [PODCAST]

Do you know the difference between a Millennial and a Gen Zer? And is your brand doing enough to become a lifestyle choice for this new generation of consumers?

With a $150 billion consumer spend in the US alone, and $35 billion dedicated to Hospitality each year, Gen Z is the latest hot topic among marketers – or at least, it should be! However, most luxury hospitality brands seem to struggle with this new target. The bigger the brand and its heritage, the harder it seems to adapt to Gen Zers’ new modes of consumption.

Jason Rieff, a multi-award-winning and Forbes-nominated 30 under 30 branding expert, answered our questions about these topics. Learn about the brand offerings Millennials and Gen Zers are looking for, and how to capture younger consumers’ attention.

Listen to our podcast, and get more insights:


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