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Today's pilots deserve today's technology: learn about VTR with Evey Cormican

Basic flight deck orientation has been taught the same way for over 80 years: via 2-dimensional cockpit posters. It is undoubtedly time to provide today’s modern pilots with the cutting-edge technology to match.

This is exactly why VTR (Visionary Training Resources) builds virtual reality training products for pilots, giving them limitless opportunities, as they kinetically learn their aircraft and gain the muscle memory necessary to step into the full-motion simulator, ready to learn.

There are several benefits to virtual reality technology for pilot training. Increasing the likelihood of people passing within a shorter time period and reducing the reliance on expensive travel and time spent in the simulator are just a few of them.

Could VR be the solution to the predicted future shortage of pilots? And will it help the aviation industry recover from the unprecedented crisis it is currently experiencing?

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